How Can We Make Nephrology Medical Billing Services Easy

After joining Apex MedPro 5 years ago, I quickly developed a passion for nephrology specific workflows and billing, especially when it comes to dialysis. As a nephrology medical billing services provider, we’ve worked closely with hundreds of nephrologists to identify and build features tailored to their major pain points. We are not afraid of feedback, Feedback is not a problem for us; in fact, we actively seek it out to develop easy-to-use solutions, such as revenue cycle management, that solve complex problems. So how Apex MedPro does explicitly support our nephrology practices in meeting their workflow requirements?


We understand the importance of time. Providers may see dozens of patients per day at dialysis clinics, either for limited or comprehensive treatment. The process of entering the same few charges for so many patients is repetitive and time-consuming. Using our Instant Capture feature, providers can capture those visits in as little as two seconds, allowing them to gain back precious time every day. With less time spent entering charges, providers can spend more time caring for patients.


It can be difficult to track monthly dialysis visits with high patient volumes. To ensure providers and staff are always aware of MCP (Monthly Capitation Payment) progress, we’ve taken the guesswork out of it. A mobile device displays the total number of limited and comprehensive visits for a given month at a glance. Enhanced reporting and analytics dashboards allow you to identify missed visits quickly and ensure revenue is not being lost. Additionally, you can customize the census to show important information, like shifts and if patients are enrolled in specific quality programs. It’s all at your fingertips.


When rounding at multiple dialysis clinics, many of which may be using different documentation systems, getting that information back into the EMR can be tricky, especially at some of the smaller or more remote locations. We’ve made it easy! Instead of spending time contacting facilities to send supporting billing documentation, providers can document those dialysis visits directly in MedPro with real-time chart access. The documentation is then generated in a format that’s easy to read, share, and upload and can be automatically routed to the right person upon completion. Plus, we can improve your ability to also track quality metrics for incentive programs such as MIPS or CKCC, making reporting a breeze.


For nephrology billing teams, end-of-month ESRD billing can be hectic and stressful. No worries, we can do some of the heavy lifting! Save time and stay organized by auto-batching of MCP dialysis visits. We automatically move limited and comprehensive visits into a queued batch for your billing team to increase the efficiency of end-of-month billing. Apex MedPro also has “MCP Magic,” which will automatically calculate the correct code to bill at the end of the month based on the number of charges submitted for a dialysis patient.


We’ve talked a lot about dialysis, but we of course also cover inpatient rounding as well. With shared patient lists, secure HIPAA-compliant messaging, and telehealth built into our charge capture solution, Apex MedPro covers the entire patient journey from inpatient to discharge and beyond.

If you are interested in learning more about Apex MedPro Nephrology medical billing services, please contact us at or give us a call at +1-877-333-1760. We’d love to hear from you!