Patient Management Services

For physicians, managing patients in an efficient way is the most important job. More satisfied patients mean more clients.

APEX MedPro has made patient care management its mission providing comprehensive services to ensure your practice stays at the top. Increasing net patient revenue and improving revenue cycle efficiency is our priority.

1. Patient Billing

APEX MedPro provides complete patient care management services under which patient statements are generated twice a month for due amount. When the statement is sent to the patient for balance amount, due date is set and listed on the patient statement. Patients can also call us for any billing related questions free of charge.

2. Patient Balance Reminder Calls

The difference between “Insurance Allowed Amount and Insurance Paid Amount” is called as “Patient- Balance”. Physicians revenues get huge setbacks due to the outstanding patient balance leaving your office agonized.

APEXMedPro patient management service takes this worry off your hands. Our team of experts regularly follows-up on patient outstanding balances. We personally work with patients making it convenient for them to make payments.

Increasing your revenue by 23-36% a year is a huge success for us and our clients.

3. Patient Appointment Confirmation Call

  • Is No-Show affecting your clinic/practice revenue?
  • Are you getting frustrated by waiting for patients?

APEXMedPro provides solution with patient appointment confirmation calls. Under patient management services we make sure that your time is saved. Letting you focus on your job hassle free by providing confirmation for each appointment prior to its time.

This amazing service has helped Doctors to be Doctors while providing care to your patients so they feel engaged as prestige clients.

For optimum results we suggest the following:

  • To control No-Show losses your office can place nominal charges for patients who do not show up. Your staff/appointment team should inform patients at the time of allotting appointment about No-Show charges.
  • Prepay appointment: Patients can pay some amount of their choice prior to next appointment.
  • Reward for patients who show up on time with discounts on their bills.
  • Track problematic patients and discontinue professional contract with them.
  • Office can also charge for same-day cancellations, unless it’s an emergency.

4. Post Visit Satisfaction Analysis and Feedback

Taking one step forward, APEXMedPro provides after visit feedback and patient satisfaction analysis. A live call on your behalf with patient/attendant asking them how they feel about the service will be made. If they have any suggestions, an email will be sent to the office explaining in detail the feedback received from the patient.