Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Billing Services

Treating your patients effectively is only half the part of a successful physical therapy Practice. Running it efficiently is the other half. That’s where ApexMedPro specializes.

Our experienced team handles the Physical Therapy practice with full practice management and equipped with latest healthcare technology and knowledge.


  • Increase in collection and decrease in denials and rejections
  • 24/7 Customer service center
  • Up to date Healthcare software’s which are design to adapt any change regarding rules, regulation or any new Healthcare update like ICD-10.
  • Weekly , monthly , Quarterly and yearly reporting
  • Credentialing and Eligibility Verification Services
  • Updating and educating Provider and staff with ever changing healthcare market and reforms

Your Physical Therapy Billing Services Company

As your physical therapy medical billing services company, our dedicated team strives to maximize your revenue and you only have to concentrate on your patients. Apex MedPro Billing Services is more than a claims processing center because we offer multiple benefits and billing services. Our Up to date billing software daily generates your claims, which are accurately coded scrubbed and electronically submitted. Once your super bills are processed, payment can be received in as little as ten days, not three months.

You Get Paid We Get Paid

Apex MedPro team is always ready to serve our clients. We have a system of free structure which only allows us to get paid if only you got paid. On average our clients save 40 to 60 Percent of revenue in regards to other billing companies.