Medical Billing Services for Small Practices

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Medical Billing Services for Small & Mid-Level Medical Practices

Specialty Medical Billing & RCM Services for Small and Mid-level Medical Practices

Leading provider of Medical Billing Services for small and medium practices in the United States

Apex MedPro has over 10 years of experience in assisting small and mid-level medical practices with common medical billing issues. In addition to handling a wide range of issues including high complexity in documentation, reduced fee reimbursement, delayed payments, etc., our experts provides assistance in dealing with hassle-free claims processing for small practices. As a result of our deep understanding of medical billing and revenue cycle management services, we have been able to provide simple and effective solutions to small practices in the United States. In addition to credentialing, claims submission, claims tracking, denial management, payment posting, and patient balance follow-up, we also customize each of these services to help small & medium level practices speed up their claims process.

We made Medical Billing for Small Practices hassle free

Register patient info

Register patient information and examine diagnosis and surgical data carefully to ensure all relevant information is gathered.

reduce rejections

Reduce rejections by ensuring flawless coding before claims are released for payment.

Integrated Billing

With our integrated billing platform, you do not have to invest in additional infrastructure since our billing software works seamlessly with your EMR product.

quick reimbursement

Ensure claims are sent to third-party payers on the same day of service and that they are reimbursed on the first day of submission.