Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine Specialty Billing Services

Our expertise in providing internal medicine specialty medical billing services in Wyoming and Texas area, certified coding and our in depth knowledge of the associated rules and processes enhances our ability to maximize your reimbursement. As a premier medical billing company, our services include not only working with established providers or groups, but with small and mid-level practices as well.

Apex MedPRO, Internal Medicine Medical Billing Services Texas professionals have 50 years of combined experience & expertise in removing the hassles of medical billing to improve your cash flow. Our certified coders are updated with the evolving codes and state standards or guidelines to minimize the penalties and additional fees.


• Lower billing costs
• 24/7 Patient help line
• Effective denial management
• Reduced Days in A/R
• HIPAA Compliance

Internal Medicine Billing Services experts make your billing smoother that help your practice to gain an edge over your competitors. Our dedicated medical billers and coders understand the Internal Medicine Billing intricacies and implement revenue-based strategies to lower your denials with accelerating your business profits.

Our Internal Medicine Billing Services include

  • Up-to-date ICD-10 coding procedures.
  • Integrate EMR/PM system
  • Both paper & electronic billing expertise
  • Insurance eligibility verification
  • Continuous check-ups of financial reports & claims payments
  • Regular code-audit analysis
    Experienced coders & billers to implement immaculate codes for multiple procedures

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