How to Streamline Urgent Care Coding & Billing?

How to Streamline Urgent Care Coding & Billing?

Urgent care centers dole out medical services with no prior appointment and offer extended hours to patients seeking care for a wide array of non-life-threatening issues. This sector of the health care industry has expanded to over 9,616 centers nationwide, and expected to continue to increase.

Change is coming and the success of your urgent care business may eventually depend more and more on quality performance rather than on quantity of service.

However, urgent care medical billing & coding can be quite complex and thus throws open a lot of challenges.

Why are most of your claims not reimbursed? It is essential to follow a proper billing and coding process so that all claims are reimbursed and no claim gets lost. However billing mistakes commonly do happen in urgent cares billing services and claims can get rejected for various reasons, like:

  • Using incorrect diagnostic codes
  • Non-specificity of codes
  • Indirect linking of codes
  • Inexperienced coders
  • The coder is not certified
  • The coder is not trained specifically for urgent care

Don’t let your claims fail to materialize. Learn how to code for your urgent care center and do away with these coding and billing problems by attending quick and convenient audio conferences where you get the low down on the latest in CPT, ICD-10 and CMS rules. Anyone responsible for coding, billing and collections, including physicians, education specialists, coders, office managers and third-party billing companies stand to benefit from such audio conferences. So stay on top of the latest urgent care techniques and keep the cash flowing.

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