Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing Services to a Third-party Billing Company

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing Services to a Third-party Billing Company

Medical billing outsourcing is the process of hiring a company to take on some or all of the responsibilities of billing and collections for a medical practice. This can include anything from preparing and submitting claims to following up on payments. There are a number of benefits to outsourcing medical billing, including cost savings, improved efficiency, and reduced stress. In order to get the most out of medical billing outsourcing, it is important to choose the right partner. Look for a company that has experience in your specialty and that is compliant with all relevant laws.

Are you tired of not getting full reimbursement for your services?

Should your practice outsource your medical billing and collections? Are you tired of seeing denied claims? Are you tired of not getting full reimbursement for your services?

Third-party or In-house

Most practices with limited resources can’t designate multiple employees to concentrate on billing. One of the biggest challenges physicians face is whether or not to outsource their billing and collections to a third-party medical billing company. While some physicians assume that outsourcing medical billing services are costly, in reality, when compared to the cost of hiring employees in-house, outsourcing is typically less expensive. Outsourcing medical billing frees physicians from worrying about the cost of insurance benefits, training, payroll, billing software, supplies, employee sick pay and vacation pay, among other things. It can be hard for physicians to give up control of their billing, but with the current changes in healthcare, getting paid by insurance companies should not be a concern.

Outsourcing companies can help improve your claims submission process

Billing professionals from healthcare outsourcing companies can help improve your claims submission process, resulting in quicker revenue for your practice. They can provide complete medical billing services for all specialties, including following up on denied claims and ensuring that all claims are paid correctly. Most companies offer global services to medical professionals, handling everything from filing insurance claims to issuing checks. When claims are filed electronically with Medicare, checks are released in as little as 14 days, which can greatly improve your cash flow. Rejections are also returned quickly, usually within 2-3 days, so they can be corrected and resubmitted promptly.

Medical billing professionals have the knowledge and experience to take care of all your medical billing issues, allowing you and your staff to focus on other aspects of running the practice. They are dedicated to providing excellent customer service to you, the provider, your staff, and your patients.  Outsourcing medical billing can save you time and money. Professionals can work quickly and efficiently to get you paid. Call Apex MedPro today for a free quote.

Apex MedPro is a medical billing company offering complete medical billing services for all specialties. We have 07 years of experience in physician and hospital billing, credentialing, revenue recovery, denials & appeals, A/R follow-up, collections, and cash posting. We don’t get paid until you get paid!


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